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  • Bead Rig #2

    Bead Rig storage board #2 will hold all pre-tied up to 10 foot rigs and heavier leader-line thicknesses for big river and deep water rig setups. Each Board includes a rig sleeve.

    Used for float, drifting, side drifting, fly, fishing methods. Bead Rig #2 provides storage for many different type of beads and sizes including hard plastic, acrylic, soft plastic, foam, hard/soft plastic hybrids, rubber, etc. 

    (Product does not include leader-line and bead)

    Product Features

    Board Dimensions; 8” x 1.25”  (20.3 cm x 3.18 cm)

    Includes Rig Sleeve



    Long Life and Tear-proof 

    Easy to Use

    Fast Tackle Changes 

    Fits all standard line lengths up to 10’ Feet long

    Versatile and Interchangeable

    Compact storage

    Pack Size