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     Multiple Sizes to fit Lures up to 8 inches (20.32 cm long) and all standard leader lines. Includes a rig case. 

    Built for easy use. Holds Lures, Baits, Hooks, and leader-line securely by placing the lure over the board and attaching the hook in an anchor hole, then pulling the line through the slit to the other Board side. Then wrap the leader around the multiple line wraps, and then pull the line end through the nearest slit.    

    The Boards have considerable additional leader-line capacity beyond standard leader-line lengths. Use recommended up to the maximum suggested line strength for each of the Boards. Board & rig case enclosures can hold larger baits/lures that may contain additional hooksets, skirts, tails, blades, feathers and more. 

    The Boards are built strong, tear proof. Waterproof, flexible and durable for long life support.  

    It is good to keep the tackle, Board, leader-line, and Rig case as dry as possible.  

    Our Express Warranty will guarantee all Boards against defects in construction for three years from the date of purchase. When a structural defect is brought to our attention; we will repair or replace it.

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