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  • Fly Rig #2

    The long-life Fly Board is perfect for Anglers who fish multiple species, travel and like improved preparation using pre-tied leaders. They are used for Tandem Fly rigs, Streamer rigs and all other fly attached leader-lines, freshwater and Saltwater.

    Anglers who are tying the main reel fly line to leader-line using either the Clinch, Nail or Albright knot, or other selected knots will appreciate this additional compact storage option. Transitioning from loop to loop might seem like the popular choice, but it falls short in several aspects. Its bulky passage through guides, lack of seamless integration, and time-consuming setup make it less than ideal. Moreover, the constant struggle to keep flies attached during changes and the frustration of prying apart loops with the handshake method add to its inefficiencies. Opt for superior alternatives like the Clinch and Nail knots to effortlessly attach your fly line to leaders. It's a smarter choice all around. Each Fly Board includes a Ziplock rig sleeve.  

    Fits all standard fly fishing leader-line thicknesses and lengths short to long. 

    Product Features

    Board Dimensions; 5.5” x 5.5” (14 cm x 14 cm)

    Includes Fly Board Rig Case



    Long Life and Tear-proof 

    Easy to Use

    Fast Tackle Changes 

    Versatile and Interchangeable

    Compact Storage sleeve included

    Pack Size