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  • Dock Rod Holder

    Engineered for versatility and durability, our recreational Dock Rod Holder is adjustable to ensure a seamless fit for any gap on a wooden board dock, providing the ultimate secure fixture for all rods and reels. Aluminum-built and corrosion-free.

    Each Dock Rod Holder includes 4 stringed wedges to fit all dock board gaps. The wedgeing process establishes maximum stability.

    Product Features


    • Dock Rod Holder tube: 9” high
    • Dock Rod Holder base length: 6 ¼” 
    • Aluminum stabilizer wedge: 
    • Wedges: 3 ½” x 8”

    Custom built

    Aluminum Corrosion Free

    Easy attach and relocation

    Fits all rod sizes 

    360º-rod placement

    Pack Size